Teen Katie

First Impressions

Teen Katie is really good looking and really slim with tiny tits and a wicked tight ass. She seems to be the embodiment of many teenage fantasies and gleefully plays that up on her site posing in sexy lingerie, tiny bikinis and more. She says that as soon as she turned 18 she began planning her site and shooting galleries. She certainly looks like a barely legal teenager so it´s not hard to believe that story. The picture previews were hot and there´s a high resolution preview video that features clips from several of her shoots. That was wicked hot and now I´m looking forward to seeing more.

Hot Promises

The very first promise Katie makes is that she has tons of hot pictures and videos in her member´s area. They´re 1200px minimum and the videos are high resolution too (the preview seems to confirm that). When she asks if you want to watch her play with her pussy you have to assume you´ll be seeing such things in the member´s area but one can never be sure until you´ve actually seen it. The content is entirely exclusive and the only thing missing is information about how often she updates. I suspect she doesn´t add new content all that often but I´m still looking forward to seeing what´s inside.


The latest photo sets are listed at the top of the page along with a short introductory letter from Katie. Only one of the photo sets has a date so I did a little research on the site and found that the content count hasn´t changed in more than four months. There are 66 picture galleries and 10 videos and despite the claim of a recent update that number has not budged. I think they cycle content through, meaning they pull an update off the back end and add one on the front each time they update. Either that or they´re simply lying about the fact that they added a new gallery.

Either way it´s not that important because 66 image sets and 10 videos is more than enough for a month´s worth of fun. The only question is whether Katie has delivered content worth seeing. Let´s check out the image sets first. They´re all listed on the same page with a thumbnail and a title from each to help you make a choice. Because Katie is a solo babe and her galleries are largely dependent on what she´s posing in one picture is usually enough to make a good decision. She mixes up what she poses in very well, giving you all kinds of different looks from bikinis to lingerie to little dresses to cute teen outfits.

Let´s start with the bikinis since that´s what I like best. I´m of the opinion that Katie has a near perfect bikini body. I can see where some of you would appreciate a bigger set of tits but that´s not really in line with a typical teen model. These girls pride themselves on being thin so her A cup titties fit in perfectly with that. They´re incredibly perky thanks to the small size so they sit really high on her chest and of course they look amazing. She´s quite fond of taking them out to play too so you´ll get to see them in the nude along with her teen pussy. In fact, I´ve seen quite a lot of her teen pussy in the time I´ve been browsing the images.

A bikini gallery doesn´t make a whole lot of sense indoors so I was pleased to see Katie taking her posing show on the road and giving us a little outdoor work. In my favorite bikini set she´s wearing a black and gold striped number that´s so tiny it barely covers her nipples and pussy. She´s on an elegant deck overlooking the ocean and in some of the shots it´s just as pleasant to gaze at the water as it is to gaze at her body. As soon as she starts stripping you won´t want to look away though. This is particularly true when she bends over and shows us her gorgeous, flawless pussy from behind. When she does that all you´ll want to do is put your face in there and lick her sweet hole. I´m sure it would taste quite nice too.

There are a few galleries where Teen Katie chooses to wear nothing at all. My favorite of those has her sitting on the kitchen counter drinking a glass of milk. Her naked body is in view and from head to toe she looks tight and tanned, no doubt a side effect of spending a lot of time in the sun. She ends up taking a few sips from the glass of milk and then she pours it down her body, starting with her tits and ending on her pussy. Now I want to lick her pussy even more to soak up some of that cold milk along with her hot juices. The pictures in that gallery and all the others are 1200px and flawlessly shot.

You´ll be pleased to know that Teen Katie also does quite a few lingerie sets. My favorite has her in a purple slip with lace decoration and cute little cups to hug her tits. There´s a stripper´s pole in her bedroom and she´s working it lustily, dancing and showing us her ass and tits over and over again. In another gallery she wearing a pair of black stockings and they´re just incredibly hot. It´s such a simple thing but they look amazing on her. My favorite Teen Katie gallery is fetish themed and actually features two chicks. Katie is in a black leather corset, a black thong and black satin gloves and her friend is wearing much the same. Katie is the one holding a whip though and the girls have some kinky fun together.

There are ten videos at Teen Katie and in them she puts on quite a show. They´re downloadable and they look great in beautiful high definition widescreen (for that reason alone if you like Katie this site is a must join). The best video takes place in the shower and it´s ultra hot because the camera can´t seem to stay away from her pussy. It´s always pushing in tight on her box and of course her fingers are dancing over and around her clit obsessively. She likes to play and I like to watch. She never does full on masturbating but just seeing her beautiful pussy is good enough for me to get hard and get off.

Croco´s Opinion

Teen Katie features 66 picture galleries and 10 videos of the beautiful young model and is a high quality site. The young brunette is gorgeous with an incredibly tight body and A cup tits. She gets fully naked in almost every gallery and there are no pictures more beautiful than when she bends over and shows her hot pussy lips from behind. Your dick will get inspired when you see those. The content is all high resolution (HD videos in fact) and downloading is easy. Katie is big on bikinis but there are lingerie sets, cute dresses, the occasional costume (one as a schoolgirl) and a few fully naked sets. I really like the site and if you are attracted to Katie then you´ll find a membership a good value.


The site is well designed and easy to browse.

Pricing Policy

$29.95 for 30 days recurring.

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